Lift Your Business To New Heights With The Power of Technology

Welcome to Effisavvy, your strategic ally in acquiring high-quality leads through targeted cold email outreach. Our approach ensures that prospects are captivated and interested in what you have to offer.

Embrace modern methods.

Effisavvy utilises advanced technology to pinpoint and engage with quality leads directly through personalised cold email campaigns. Our tailored solutions are crafted to boost your brand visibility, streamline operations, and deliver desired ROI.

Our Services includes:

Custom CRM

Optimize lead management with a tailored CRM integrated with automation systems.

Lead Generation Fundamentals

Attract quality leads and close deals with a suite of content, copywriting, social media configurations and automation setup.

Lead Automation

AI Sales Assistant, new lead nurture email campaign and landing pages.

Join Effisavvy, where we don't just acquire leads; we build relationships and drive growth.

Let's redefine your lead generation strategy together.


Affordable pricing for all stages


All-In-One Platform


  • Sales and Marketing AI Toolkit

  • Customised Lead CRM

  • Customised Sales Funnel

  • Scheduling Automation Platform

  • Email Marketing Platform

  • Call, SMS, and Email Marketing


Starter Package


  • Customised CRM Setup

  • 3 Pieces of Evergreen Content

  • Landing Page Setup

  • New Lead Email Drip Campaign

  • Marketing Automation Setup

  • Social Media Planner Setup

  • Meta and LinkedIn Optimisation


All-in-one strategy


  • Customised CRM Setup

  • Landing Page Setup

  • Evergreen Content

  • Meta and LinkedIn Optimisation

  • New Lead Email Drip Campaign

  • Cold Email Strategy Content

  • Marketing Automation Setup

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